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Lin, Fang: Post-doctor of the Graduate School of Education of Peking University. As a former Director of Admission Office of Beijing Language and Culture University, Lin had more than 12 years of experience in the field of higher education admission.


Xie Xiaoqing, Associate Director of the Educational Statistic and Measurement Branch of Chinese Society of Education. Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Beijing Language and Culture University. He was working on Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) for 20 years. He was in charge of developing Administrative Aptitude Test(AAT),Management Aptitude Test (MAT) and Chinese Proficiency Test for Minority (MHK), etc. His publication including: Critical Thinking, etc. His publication including: Psychometrics, Factor Analysis, Critical Thinking, etc.

Assessment Scientists Team

Specialized Career Assessment Lab(SCAL)

- SCAL is consisted of expertise and psychometricians on professional and educational assessment with many years of experiences in multi-international companies and research institutes.

- Focus on research and development of talent assessment, education evaluation and career management consulting.

- SCAL has provided many universities, companies and other institutions with tailored and high-quality personality and ability evaluations, professional credentials and career development consulting services.

- SCAL is developing a professional, scientific and convenient information platform for college students to help prepare them for their future career development.

Wu, Xiang: Director of Assessment Scientist Team.General Manager China (1996-2002); Former General Manager for ETS/TOIEC China Operations (2002-2007); Director, Marketing & Partnership China (2008-2014).

Content Team

Consisting of graduates and researchers from higher education studies of Peking University, Beijing Normal University and so on, with 5 persons in total.

Marketing Team

Consisting of 5 people with more than 10 years of marketing and operating experience for national contests.

Tech-Support Team

Consisting of 3 people with more than 10 years of experiences, graduates and researchers from Computer Science of top universities.