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Critical Thinking Development and Assessment Workshops

In our series of workshops, we have discussed with experts in all related fields about critical thinking and the way to cultivate and assess it. We also presented cases in different cultural and educational settings about critical thinking evaluation to help professionals to exchange ideas and collaborate.

So far, three sessions of “Critical Thinking Workshop” have been held in Beijing, Jiangsu and Guangxi. Attended by more than 60 admission officers of over 50 universities in China including Peking University, Beijing Normal University and other 985/211 universities.


(1)The “Critical Thinking Workshop” Session I was held in Beijing

(2)The “Critical Thinking Workshop” Session II was held in Nanjing

(3)From Humanistic Literacy to Critical Thinking: 21 Sentences You Should not Miss

(4)Importance of Critical Thinking and Humanistic Literacy in University Admissions

(5)The “Critical Thinking Workshop” Session III was held in Nanning